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ACME/The Post-14 Mathematics Inquiry Workshop

Post-14 Mathematics Education:
Pathways to Progress

Questions for Breakout Groups to consider:

  1. What should the 'Specialist/Foundation/Vocational/Intermediate' strand set out to achieve?
  2. Who should take responsibility for directing students onto a particular strand?
  3. a) Who should decide what mathematics is appropriate for each strand?
    b) What criteria should be used in developing an appropriate curriculum for each strand?
  4. Does the strand represent a necessary and relevant progression on a chosen pathway?
  5. a) To what extent should different strands develop overlapping material?
    b) Will development of the four strands require curriculum guidance and ongoing CPD for teachers?
  6. Should it be possible for a student to be able to transfer from one strand to another? If so, what implications does this have for the construction of the different strands?
  7. a) To what extent can the different strands be developed within the present qualifications framework?
    b) To what extent would a new qualification framework be desirable?
    c) What, in an ideal world, would be the best qualifications framework to work towards?

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