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ACME/The Post-14 Mathematics Inquiry Workshop

Post-14 Mathematics Education:
Towards a Baccalaureate?

Speakers Presentations

From the links below you can download the PowerPoint presentations.

Some of the files are large and may take a while to download.  You will need PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer. You can download a free Powerpoint viewer from the Microsoft site. 

  • Mathematics in Australia and the International Baccalaureate - Roger Brown
    australia.ppt 870 kb
  • The French System - Catherine Dufossé
    france.ppt 197 kb
  • Mathematics Education in Germany - An Overview - Gabrielle Kaiser
    germany.ppt 84 kb
  • Vocational Mathematical Training in Europe -Alison Wolf
    vocational.ppt 1,592 kb
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Speakers' Presentations

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