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ACME/The Post-14 Mathematics Inquiry Workshop

Post-14 Mathematics Education:
Towards a Baccalaureate?

Profile of Speakers

Roger Brown | Catherine Dufosse | Professor Gabrielle Kaiser | Mike Tomlinson | Professor Alison Wolf

Roger Brown

Roger Brown is the Head of Research Support and Development for the International Baccalaureate Research Unit, located within the Department of Education at the University of Bath. He commenced his teaching career in Melbourne, Australia, where he taught mathematics in both government and independent schools. Roger moved from Melbourne to take up the role of Subject Area Manager for Mathematics at the International Baccalaureate Curriculum and Assessment Unit in Cardiff, before moving to the Research Unit in Bath. He has presented at many national and international conferences on the uses of, and assessment with, hand held technologies in mathematics. Roger's interests also lie in the issues related to the socio-cultural aspects of assessment in national and international education systems.

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Catherine Dufossé

Catherine Dufossé has been a teacher in Senior High School in Marseille since 1978. She joined the Commission de Réflexion sur l'Enseignement des Mathématiques (CREM) in 2001. CREM, directed by Professor Jean-Pierre Kahane, was set up by the Ministry of Education in 1999 and comprises representatives from across the educational community. It is charged with comprehensively considering the long-term landscape of mathematics education from primary school to university. Following her studies in mathematics at the University Paris VII, she won a scholarship from the French Foreign Office to study the teaching of mathematics in Japan, comparing the Japanese and French systems (she was based in Tokyo between 1976 and 1978). Catherine worked with university mathematicians and experts in mathematics education, writing texts and reports for the French Ministry of Education. She has worked actively in the French Association of Mathematics Teachers, and became President of the Association in 1999-2000.

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Gabriele Kaiser

Gabriele Kaiser is currently a professor in mathematics education at the University of Hamburg, Germany. Her areas of research include modelling and real world examples; international comparisons; gender; and culture in mathematics education. She holds a masters degree as a teacher of mathematics and humanities. She completed her doctorate in mathematics education on the theory and practice of teaching applications and modelling. Her postdoctoral qualification was devoted to a comparison of teaching and learning mathematics in English and German classrooms.

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Mike Tomlinson

Mike Tomlinson is Chair of the working group set up by the Government to take forward the 14-19 agenda. He is also Chair of the Learning Trust and part-time Director of Planet Science, formally Science Year. He recently led the inquiry into the A level grading issues of 2002 and will monitor the awarding process for 2003. Mike Tomlinson held various teaching posts between 1965 and 1977 and was appointed HMI in 1978. On the creation of OFSTED in 1992 he became Deputy Director of Inspection and on 1 December 2000 he took up the post of HM Chief Inspector of schools, which he held until retiring on 30 April 2002.

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Alison Wolf

Alison Wolf is Professor of Education at the Institute of Education. She is also the Executive Director of the International Centre for Research on Assessment and Programme Director in the DfES-funded Centre for the Economics of Education, focusing on the demand for skills. She is a THES columnist and a member of the Editorial Board of Assessment in Education. Along with Celia Hoyles, Susie Molyneux-Hodgson and Phillip Kent, she recently co-authored the Mathematical Skills in the Workplace report which examined changing demands for intermediate maths skills in a range of sectors. Recent publications include Does Education Matter? Myths about education and economic growth (Penguin 2002) and, edited with Clare Tikly, The Maths We Need Now: demands, deficits and remedies (Bedford Way Papers, Institute of Education).

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