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Making Mathematics Count

The Report of Professor Adrian Smith's Inquiry into Post-14 Mathematics Education

Appendix 2:
Background, Terms of Reference and Steering Group

The Inquiry was announced, by the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, in July 2002, as part of the Government’s response Investing in Innovation to Sir Gareth Roberts’ UK wide review Set for Success: The supply of people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills.

Professor Adrian Smith FRS, Principal of Queen Mary, University of London, was appointed as Chair of the Post–14 mathematics Inquiry in November 2002.

The terms of reference of the Inquiry are:

“To make recommendations on changes to the curriculum, qualifications and pedagogy for those aged 14 and over in schools, colleges and higher education institutions to enable those students to acquire the mathematical knowledge and skills necessary to meet the requirements of employers and of further and higher education.”

The Inquiry has a UK wide remit and has taken evidence from over 300 organisations and 50 individuals in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Steering Group

The members of the Inquiry’s Steering Group were:

  • Professor Eileen Baker
  • Professor Sir Christopher Llewellyn-Smith FRS
  • Sir Michael Lickiss
  • Dr Gordon Marshall
  • Dr Sir Thomas McKillop
  • Professor Sir Gareth Roberts FRS
  • Susan Singer
  • Sir Peter Williams FRS

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