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Making Mathematics Count

The Report of Professor Adrian Smith's Inquiry into Post-14 Mathematics Education

Executive Summary
Purpose of the post-14 mathematics education inquiry
Overview of the report
The importance of mathematics
Supply of teachers of mathematics
Current mathematics pathways
Action on current and future pathways
Support for the teaching and learning of mathematics
National and regional support infrastructure
Chapter 1 - The Importance of Mathematics
Mathematics for its own sake
Mathematics for the knowledge economy
Mathematics for science, technology and engineering
Mathematics for the workplace
Mathematics for the citizen
Increasing mathematical skills
This report
The special position of mathematics
Territorial responsibilities
Government departments and agencies
The mathematics education community
Chapter 2 - The Supply of Teachers of Mathematics
The need for qualified teachers of mathematics
Teacher shortages and their effect on students' performance
The shortfall of specialist mathematics teachers in secondary schools
The shortfall of specialist mathematics teachers in colleges
The shortfall of ITT mathematics trainers
Teacher vacancies
Teacher age-profiles and forecasts of future supply requirements
The decline in post-16 take up of mathematics
Teacher recruitment
Teachers' Remuneration
A summary of additional comments on teacher supply in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland
Chapter 3 - Current Mathematics Pathways
The National Curriculum (pre-16)
The curriculum post-16
Mathematics qualifications: current progression routes within mathematics
A summary of structures, qualifications and developments in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland
Chapter 4 - Action on Current and Future Mathematics Pathways
The Working Group on 14-19 Curriculum and Qualifications Reform
Current concerns over GCSE Mathematics in England
Concerns over key skills and Application of Number (AoN): FSMQs and AS Use of Mathematics
Concerns relating to GCE Mathematics
Concerns with Adult Numeracy
Possible Future Pathway Models for Mathematics 14-19
Chapter 5 -  Support for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers of mathematics
The need for subject-specific CPD
The ACME report
CPD content and delivery
Key requirements and tasks of a support infrastructure
Chapter 6 - National and Regional Support Infrastructure
Existing and potential providers, networks and initiative
The role of the Numeracy and Key Stage 3 Strategies
The role of Higher Education in supporting Schools and Colleges
The role of Specialist Schools
The role of voluntary initiatives
Support of teachers of adult numeracy
Evaluation and dissemination of research in mathematics education
Remit and responsibilities of the national and regional centres
Funding requirements for the NCETM and the RMCs
The governance of the NCETM and the RMCs
The location and management of the NCETM and the RMCs

Appendix 1 - List of Recommendations by Chapter

Appendix -2 - Background, Terms of Reference and Steering Group

Appendix 3 - Glossary

Appendix 4 - National Qualifications Framework

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